Vikra - The vocal group of Glasbena Matica Triest

VIKRA - The vocal group of the Glasbena Matica Trieste was formed in 2014 around conductor Petra Grassi, winner of numerous choral and choral conducting competitions. The primary group of choristers, strongly united by the love for Slovenian singing, was soon enriched by two male altos voices which gave personality and roundness to the calibrated sound of the female voices. The fine taste for the repertoire and the inspiration of concert proposals have accompanied the group and its director along a significant vocal and musical growth, making it one of the most successful ensembles in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. 

The group is made up of Slovenian and Italian choristers from Trieste, Gorizia, Udine, Venice and Ljubljana, who masterly navigate through the performance of compositions for equal voices from the Renaissance, romantic and contemporary repertoires. Of the latter, the ensemble boasts many premieres executions.

The vocal group VIKRA has won numerous prizes, such as the First Prize at the 51st National Choral Competition "Trofei Città di Vittorio Veneto" (2017), the First Prize of the Grand Prix and a special Prize at the 16th edition of the Regional Choral Competition "Corovivo "(2017), the First Prize at the 34th National Polyphonic Competition" Guido d'Arezzo "(2017), the First Prize of the Grand Prix, the First Prize of its category and a special Prize at the 10th National Competition for Children's and Youth Choirs “Il Garda in Coro” (2018). On the occasion of the 8th edition of the concept music festival Sozvočenja (2018), the group won the Prize as best proposal and subsequently performed its project at the Slovenian Philharmonic in Ljubljana, winning the festival’s First Prize. VIKRA also performed at the renowned ’Giuseppe Verdi’ Opera House in Trieste during the 87th concert season of the prestigious Trieste Concerts Society (2019), held a concert at the „Festival Corale delle Regioni“ at the invitation of the Ensemble Corale Mousiké directed by Luca Scaccabarozzi (2019) and exhibited at the „Razsvetljenje“ festival at the invitation of the Academic Choir of Maribor directed by Tadeja Vulc (2019).

Vikra regularly collaborates in choral seminars (Glasbena matica, JSKD Nova Gorica) and organizes masterclasses with notorious music professionals (Stojan Kuret, Matjaž Šček, Luca Scaccabarozzi, Silvana Noschese, Roberto Brisotto, Tamara Stanese) . 

The choristers also attend singing and vocal technique lessons with the Slovenian soprano Martina Burger.

The Academic choir Maribor

Akademski pevski zbor (The Academic Choir Maribor) has been creating music within the cultural organization called KUD Študent, which also includes the Student Folklore Group Študent, since 1964. It is one of the main bearers of a student, youth and amateur culture in Maribor. At the same time, APZ Maribor is the ambassador of our country at many international gatherings, competitions and festivals. The singers, mostly students of various faculties, have been creating high-quality music for many years. The excellent composer and choir director Tadeja Vulc has been the choir’s conductor and artistic leader since 2012. The 50-member choir is very successful at international competitions and festivals at home and abroad. The choir also organizes individual concerts and participates in various projects every season. In recent years, the choir has won 3rd place in the Grand Prix competition in Seghizzi (Italy, 2015); 1st place in the mixed choir category and a place in the finals for the Grand Prix in Debrecen (Hungary, 2016); 3rd place in the category mixed choirs and 4th place in the folk category in Spittal (Austria, 2017); 1st place in the category of mixed choirs and a place in the finals for the Grand Prix in Varna (Bulgaria, 2018); 1st place in the sacral category, 2nd place in the monograph category, 2nd place in the obligatory category, 3rd place in the secular category and a place in the finals for the Grand Prix in Arezzo (Italy, 2018); first prize of the audience at the opening concert and overall 3rd place at the 15th International Choral Competition Gallus in Maribor (Slovenia, 2019); 1st place in the sacral category, the gold plaque of the competition and award for the performance of the obligatory composition in Milazzo in Sicily (Italy, 2019).


Chamber choir of Conservatory of music and balet Ljubljana (KGBL)

Foto: Jana Jocif

Choral activities at Conservatory for Music and Ballet Ljubljana (Slovenia) started progressing when composer and conductor Ambrož Čopi assumed leadership of the choir in 2010.  After four years of growing quality and various achivements at competitions, the decision to split the choir into two groups was made - one choir that consists of all the students of the conservatory that are not included in the schools' orchestras, and the other - Chamber choir - that consists of about 40 singers who are willing to improve their vocal technique, to sing a more demanding range of choral music and to reach higher performing standards. During the past three years, the assistants of the conductor were Petra Jerič, Tine Bec and Evgen Bibianko. Chamber choir regulary colaborates with vocal educators Edita Garčević Koželj and Tatjana Vasle. The KGBL Chamber choir, embraces a wide range of music genres and styles, from the Renaissance to modern music.  In the past three years the choir had commissioned many prominent composers, such as Lojze Lebič, Tadeja Vulc, Damijan Močnik, Črt Sojar-Voglar, Peter Šavli, Andrej Makor, Tine Bec, Matej Kastelic to create new compositions, which the choir successfully promotes at concerts and competitions in Slovenia and abroad.  The last three years have been very prolific for the KGBL Chamer Choir, as it achieved second and third place at the International Choral competition Talinn (Estonia, 2015); won the Grand prix in Moscow (Russia, 2016); it achieved first place at the National Choral competition ''Naša pesem'' (Our song), Maribor (Slovenia, 2016); second place at the International Choral competition ''Gallus'' Maribor (Slovenia, 2017); first place in category Polifonia and second place in category Folklore at the International Choral competition in Tolosa (Spain, 2017); first place at the International competition Cork (Irland, 2019). The choir successfully performed various concert cycles in Slovenia and abroad: Stockholm (Sweden, 2016); Borja, Ordizia, Getxo, Doneztebe (Spain, 2017); International Festvals in Basel (Switzerland, 2018); Taipei (Taiwan, 2018) and Beijing (China, 2018).

Youth choir of the Koper music school

Foto: Arhiv Glasbene šole Koper

was founded by Maja Cilenšek in 2004. It has won several prizes and recognitions at national and international competitions. It has also worked with renowned Slovene and foreign musicians and has been invited to various festivals both in Slovenia and abroad (Koper, Ljubljana, Graz, Chiavenna, Padova, Trieste, Bergamo). The singers are especially proud of a number of premiers of musical compositions by Sovene composers, such as Uroš Rojko, Ambrož Čopi, Bojan Glavina, Matej Bonin and Andrej Makor. On the 10th anniversary of the choir, a CD with the title Pesmi na dlani was released by the RTV Slovenia Publishing and Record Label.