Legal matters

  1. Official languages of the competition are Slovene and English.
  2. In case of a dispute the Slovenian original is valid.
  3. The course and execution of the competition is detailed in the Procedure manual of the 2nd International  youth choral festival ''Aegis carminis'', Koper 2021, which is available with the organizer.
  4. The tender of the 2nd International youth choral festival ''Aegis carminis'', Koper 2021, was passed at the 3rd session of the organization committee on  16th October 2020.
  5. The organization committee is responsible for interpreting.
  6. With the application, the choirs confirm that they accept the conditions of the competition.
  7. The organization committee holds the right to change the conditions of the competition upon unexpected circumstances. The organization committee must inform the participating ensembles of such changes in writing.