International solo voice competition

Solo voice competition for young singers is a part of 2nd International Youth Choir festival Aegis carminis (Shield of song) where international choral conductors and choir competition are also organized.

The primary mission of this competition is to encourage and support exceptionally gifted young singers who currently display potential for success in solo classical voice performance and promote 20th and 21st cent. contemporary music

The 2nd round - Finals will take place on April 17th, 2021 (NEW!!) in beautiful Belgramoni-Taco Palace Hall in Koper. For the health and safety 1st Round of the Solo Voice Competition for Young Singers Aegis carminis 2021 will be a virtual event. 




Category A 
Singers born after March 11, 2002 can participate.

Category B 
Singers born after March 11, 1999 can participate.

Category C 
Singers born after March 11, 1996 can participate.


The Belgramoni Tacco Palace was built in the 17th century and is one of the most beautiful Baroque-Mannerist palaces in Koper. After the First World War, it housed the then City Museum of History and Art, today the Provincial Museum of Koper, which preserves the valuable cultural heritage of northern Istria from prehistoric times, with an emphasis on the Venetian cultural circle. Today, the representative Koper Palace serves various purposes. It hosts cultural and musical events that represent a special experience, as they are enriched with the charm of the palace and the excellent acoustics of its halls.